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Start With the Right Digital Dental Scanner

Improve the value of digital dental scanning for your practice by starting with quality equipment. Our experienced team of digital dental experts will help you evaluate your options so you can make the best purchase decision. 

We offer free analysis and scanner recommendations to ensure a positive experience and consistent results. 

How to Get Quality Digital Scans

Excellent designs start with quality scans. The better your scan, the faster we will be able to produce your final product. When you scan, look for these quality indicators:

  • Good tissue retraction—Use reliable methods for retracting tissue so the scanner can record necessary details. 
  • Effective tissue management—The scanner should be able to capture images without gingival tissues blocking the view. 
  • Visible margins—Be sure all margins are clearly visible to the scanner before capturing images.
  • Accurate occlusion—Use reliable scanning best practices to ensure accurate occlusion. 

We’re Here to Help

Our commitment to your success includes helping you perfect your scanning technique so you get consistent results for every scan. We will:

  • Evaluate every scan for consistent results
  • Help you learn the most effective scanning methods
  • Teach you tips and tricks to make scanning fast and effective
  • Troubleshoot difficult cases
  • Clean up scans and solve problems

Learn how to enhance the quality of your digital scans with Digital Dental Leaders.

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