Digital Dental Leaders

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Quality Work Begins With Experience 

Our beginnings came from observing and experiencing the problems that stem from the traditional impression process and recognizing the opportunity in digital impressioning systems. By teaming up with doctors and practices across the country, we've created a lab and process that reduces time and money and improves patient satisfaction. We are currently based in Los Angeles, CA with the plan to expand our lab network to land in communities across the country; providing you with a cost-effective digital impression solution. 

Our Name Communicates Our Value

True to our name, Digital Dental Leaders, we are spearheading the digital impression process movement. We are committed to producing quality crowns that get to you fast and fit the first time. By being a digital-only lab, we are passionate about educating doctors about the cost benefits of digital impressions and how their staff and patients will love the ease and comfort this process provides. 

  • Digital = We are a digital-only lab providing our clients with quality model-free crowns that ship fast and seat the first time.
  • Dental = We produce restorations for dental practices. 
  • Leaders = We are leading the field in the digital restoration process. 

Team up with Digital Dental Leaders for cost-effective, quality digital dental solutions.

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