Digital Dental Leaders, Digital Only Dental Lab

Connect With Us on DDX


DDX is the dentist-edition of the lab software that we use. With a DDX account that is connected with our lab, you can do the following: 

  • View and print statements or invoices at any time (you will still get a paper copy mailed as well)
  • See if a case has shipped, and track it with a single click
  • View past payments and credit cards on file
  • Pay your bill online
  • Retrieve files we return to you, when applicable
  • Attach pictures or files directly to the case instead of emailing
  • Add notes directly to a case after we have scheduled it

If you already have a DDX account, you can login here. If you are not seeing your cases with us, you may still need to connect your account with us on DDX. Contact us and we can make sure you get connected and get all the functionality listed above. 

If you don't have a DDX account yet, you can create one here, or contact us and we can help you create one and connect to our lab.