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Get training for predictable, model-free dental restorations from intraoral digital scans

Digital Dental Leaders provides training events to help you succeed with digital dentistry. We are an all-digital, model-free dental laboratory with more than 160,000 cases completed in the last 8 years.

We only accept digital scans and we specialize in model free crowns, bridges, and implant abutments. We respect traditional impressions, but have chosen to only accept IO scans. 

It has been a great learning experience for us from our first case to now. We want to share what we are learning with you so that you can improve or make the transition to digital dental restorations. 

The goal of our training is to help you build trust with your patients and staff so that they will promote your work to more and more people. All of our growth has come from word-of-mouth recommendations, and we think you can experience that kind of promotion and growth along with us. 

All-digital, model-free restorations are not as easy in practice as the theory says -even from what we said in our early videos, but every dental office is moving toward digital restoration scanning and model-free seating.

Providing digital dental restorations in a predictable and profitable way takes training and experience. We are committed to helping you build trust in the digital restoration process by understanding the details and experiencing success. You, your staff, and patients will appreciate it. We want your stress level to go down and your success to go up!  

Sign up for our training events below and click register to choose the time that works best for you and your staff. We will host the training sessions near our state of the art laboratory and conference centers - shared with Impact Church in Menifee or Grace Bible Church in Murrieta, California.

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