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Ivoclar VivaScan

Ivoclar VivaScan
  1. Connect your scanner to your laptop. Open the VivaScan software.

  2. Click on the “Lab Info” tab, then click "Add New Lab".  

  3. Enter “” to add Digital Dental Leaders as your lab.

  4. To connect VivaScan with the Ivoclar Cloud and enable file sharing with our lab, enter your Ivoclar Cloud user information in the "Cloud Credentials" submenu.

    1. To set up a new Ivoclar Cloud account, go to website:

    2. Log in and enter account settings, click "Submit".

    3. Open the Cloud settings by clicking on the Settings icon.

      1. Click "Generate New API Key", then click "Copy to Clipboard" and close.

  5. Open the VivaScan software settings and in the "Send" submenu, click "Cloud Credentials"

  6. Enter your Ivoclar Cloud user email and paste the API Key in the "API Key" field, then close.

  7. Now, in your Ivoclar VivaScan software, "Digital Dental Leaders” should appear as an option in the laboratory section. When a new patient is scanned, and email will be sent to DDL with a link to the Ivoclar Cloud platform for download.

You are now ready to send cases to Digital Dental Leaders!

For detailed, step-by-step instructions, click here.

Questions? Call us at 844.446.3444 or text 951.363.2926 and we can walk you through the process.