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Discover the No Waste Digital Process


The digital process is a cost-efficient, patient-friendly alternative to the messy and time consuming traditional impression process. Read more about how you can reduce the waste with the digital process. 

1. Digital Impressions 

Enjoy a process that is 50% faster than the traditional impression process. Save time and money by reducing the amount of materials needed and unnecessary labor costs. Digital impressions will exponentially increase patient satisfaction by eliminating the uncomfortable goop and gagging associated with traditional impressions.

2. Quick Evaluation 
Save time with a simple and quick scan evaluation. Quickly check for accuracy and immediately take additional scans if needed.

3. Rx
Eliminate scheduling errors and calls. Digital impression systems easily integrate with existing lab software for an efficient and easy impression process from start to finish.

4. Design  
Increase the quality, detail, and speed of impression and design with the digital process. This easy-to-use technology dramatically increases accuracy and decreases chance for remakes. 

5. Finish
Our model-free process reduces human error to just 1%, while essentially eliminating fit issues

6. Ship 
Our model-free crowns always ship for free. 

7. Seat
Cut your average seat time by over 50%, contributing to increased patient satisfaction and time savings. 

The Digital Process Eliminates These Steps: 

  • Pack and label
  • Ship
  • Receive and unpack 
  • Transfer and schedule 
  • Pour model 
  • Trim die 
  • Scan model 

 Find out how much you can save by switching to digital.

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