Digital Dental Leaders

Why use a Digital-Only Lab?

Digital Dental Leaders is committed to delivering the most valuable fixed restorations possible to your dental practice and patients. We make only model-free restorations to maximize your benefits from switching to the digital restoration process.


Your partner for the future of dentistry
happier patients & higher profits

Save Time

Digital impression files are transferred to the lab electronically, eliminating the need for shipping and waiting. Within minutes, we can begin designing and producing your restoration–getting you a finished product days faster than the traditional process. Because digital impressions are more accurate, we can cut seating times in half.

Save Money

The digital process lowers overhead costs, saves money on supplies, reduces lab bills, and eliminates shipping costs. The digital process can lower your overhead costs by about 50%, and your lab bills by up to 60%. The all-digital process reduces the need for supplies–saving you an additional $25 per patient. On top of all that, shipping is always FREE!

Improve Quality

The digital impression process utilizes scans with precise margins and bites that are easy to evaluate and correct if needed. The digital restoration process maximizes consistency by minimizing human error–reducing the chance for remakes to around 1%. Your patients and staff will love the ease, quality, and accuracy of digital restorations!

What role does Digital Dental Leaders play?

Our team of digital integration experts and experienced technicians work to create lasting partnerships with you to ensure you have an exceptional experience with the digital process. In addition to quality restorations we provide the knowledge, training, and resources to help you make a smooth and successful transition to the digital process.

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