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A Digital Dental Lab You Can Trust

As a digital only dental lab, we give you the highest quality restorations that mimic real teeth. By creating excellent digital designs, CAD/CAM crowns with excellent fit and form, and only working with intra oral impressions (IOS), you save valuable time and money. From model-free single crowns and implant abutments using IOS scan bodies, to full-arch crown and bridge; we strive to make your digital dental practice more successful with a restoration experience you can trust and your patients will promote.


Your partner for the future of dentistry:
happier patients & higher profits

Faster Results

Increase the speed of impressions and design, and cut your average seating time significantly. Within 36 hours after receiving your scan, we begin designing and producing your restoration so that you receive your restoration within 3-5 days.

Fewer Errors

We produce only full-contour, model-free digital crowns, reducing the potential for human error. We never compromise quality, and our extensive design experience means you receive consistent results every time.

Outstanding Value

Boost profits, lower costs, and create happier patients with our digital restoration process. Our commitment to high quality work at competitive pricing for our doctors translates into consistent results, decreased seating time, and outstanding dental restorations that will keep your patients smiling. Plus, shipping is always FREE!

We Make Our Doctors Successful. Join them!

Elnaz Hendifar

Digital Dental Leaders is by far one of the best labs I have worked with! I work as an associate in different offices, and in every office, I always ask to use this lab if possible. Needless to say, after a few cases, the owners also switch to this lab. The cases look great esthetically, need minimal/no adjustment, and the margins are amazing! In rare occasions where there is an issue with the margin, I have worked with Ben and he has been more than helpful in getting it perfect in a timely manner! Thank you DDL!

Juan Arrue, DMD

I've been in practice since 1988 and I have been very impressed with Digital Dental Leaders Lab. I have received very good quality for a reasonable price. I am amazed every time I receive as case from Digital Dental Leaders. I receive the cases before the due date and usually back within 7 working days! Who does that! DDL . . . has been very easy to work with. But the best thing so far with DDL is that I have not had to adjust a single crown, bridge or implant crown yet! Thank you guys for making my job so much easier.

Dr. Holger

Excellent! The team is knowledgeable and enthusiastic in utilizing all that digital dentistry has to offer. They are always open to work on new protocols and techniques to expand on the possibilities that digital workflows present to the dentist, the technician and thus ultimately our patients! This results in good communication and well fitting, beautiful restorations!

Gohar Hovsepyan, DDS

Outstanding. They deliver everything a modern laboratory is expected to. Excellent communication and timely delivery. After going digital, my crown delivery appointments are taking less than 5 minutes of my time.

Dr. Jared Gustafson

We've been using our 3m True Def scanner for over a year and love it. The problem for us was finding a lab with consistent results. All the crowns so far have had great fit, contacts, and occlusion needed no adjustments. I went from spending 30 minutes, grinding away contacts from Glidewell crowns, to 5 minute seat appointments. Price per unit and esthetics are great too. Seriously give them a shot- you won't be disappointed.

Elizabeth Corpus, DDS

[Is the seating time less than 10 minutes?] Oh definitely! Many times closer to 5 minutes. 90% of them are dropping in with zero adjustments.

Arash Khorsand, DMD

Professional service and excellent quality and workmanship.

Lance Alder, DDS

Crowns have been perfect! The last few have required zero adjustment. I'm happy with how they are looking and turning out so far.

Why Digital Dental Leaders?

As a digital-only dental lab, our team of design experts partner with you for a satisfying restoration experience. From the initial design to the final product, we listen to your needs and preferences and provide a stress-free restoration experience for you and your patients. This starts by creating a high-quality design so that your patient’s crown seats easily and mimics the form and function of a natural tooth. Looking for an experience like that?

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